Quality not Compromise!

At NDG we prefer to use better quality materials. Using the cheapest materials is usually a false economy with parts often lasting less than a couple of years before they require replacing again. As standard we tend to install Hager accessories and consumer units. We like to know that when we install an item it is still there 10+ years later still working as it should.

Also we give great customer service. We are punctual - polite - courteous - and don't tend to just fit things where we see fit. We ask you - the paying customer - what where and when. 



Who Should Install your New Electric Shower - Plumber or Electrician?

Now you probably don't know nor care about the answer to this!! But without doubt the answer is an electrician! We all know what mixing water with electricity can do. And consequently I don't know of a shower manufacturer that does not stipulate the need for an RCD protecting the shower, as a prerequisite for its installation. But there is no sure way to know whether that potentially life-saving RCD is functioning correctly without testing it. Any decent electrician should have the test equipment to carry out the various tests. I have point-blank refused to install electric showers before now when no RCD was present. This is not about me being stroppy, this is about safety and nothing else. RCD's can and do fail to work, and they can seize up over time.


Why are Trades so Expensive??

When all things are considered they are not that expensive in my opinion.

Most skilled and professional trades have numerous outgoings that should be taken into account. For instance, I have numerous types of insurance policy, electrical scheme membership annual costs, maintenance costs for tools & test equipment and van running costs.. Also there are training costs for updates to the Wiring Regulations and the cost of purchasing the necessary literature too. Finally, in any given working week a self-employed tradesperson may not spend the full 40hr week working at a clients, they may have to make numerous trips to various wholesalers and such like, this 'downtime' is unavoidable and has to be factored in. But worst is the fact that we receive no holiday pay! Nor sick pay!! Nor pension!!! Anyway, I am off to my Malibu beach-house now so please leave a message - I'm back in eight weeks !!