At NDG we can offer advice on how to cut down on your electricity usage. 

A very common upgrade that is easy to carry out is switching your lighting over from incandescent, halogen and fluorescent lighting to LED. LED technology has moved on massively since its arrival around six years ago, and the prices have tumbled to match its growing popularity.

LED lighting can result in reducing lighting electricity costs by up to 90%. A typical kitchen with ten LED lamps fitted will consume a similar amount of electricity as just one of the old halogen fittings.

For commercial premises it makes sense also. Upgrading from fluorescent fittings to LED will not have such a massive impact on your electricity bill - LED is cheaper but not by so much. However it will save on maintenance costs for re-lamping, replacing ballasts and starters etc.

It should be mentioned that LED lighting may not be for everyone. A minority of people are prone to suffering a stroboscopic effect when they are in an LED lit room. The cheaper LED lamps are likely to be more prone to this phenomenon than the more expensive lamps. These often have better circuitry inside them to smooth out the electrical waveform and reduce the effect.

NB: We don't deal with solar power at NDG. We don't like climbing on roofs (!) and the incentives such as the feed-in tariff are not what they were.