If you have a fault with your electrics and are finding that it trips every so often then something  is likely to be not right. A healthy, well-designed electrical installation should not trip. 

Faults and the subsequent loss of power are a nuisance, and there can be many possible reasons for it occurring. White goods such as washing machines and fridges are often the cause. As are old and faulty exterior lights and boilers that have an undetected leak. Not all faults are quite as simple though, and the cause can sometimes be traced to a tiny section of cable. Most clients are surprised when an inch long section of cable is put in front of them with the tiniest of nicks to the PVC insulating material.

We provide an experienced, systematic and methodical approach to fault-finding that uses various specialist equipment to locate and diagnose the location of a fault as quickly as possible. Where possible we will attend to the fault as soon as we can, and we always aim to make it a priority if you have total loss of power across the entire electrical system.